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The fashion industry

WORTH over £60bn and employing over 500,000 people, the originality and professionalism of the UK fashion industry makes it one of the most influential hubs in the world. As a leading manufacturer of clothing and high-quality fabrics, and with an unrivalled international reputation, UK businesses rely on being able to trade internationally – selling the best of British creativity overseas.

Could new changes in how we trade with the EU empower the fashion industry to take full control of their customs declarations and change importing and exporting as we know it?

In this episode of ‘15 minutes to fix’ we spoke to Caroline Barraclough, a partner at Deloitte and its Global Head of Trade; Alison Lewy MBE, the founder of Fashion Angel and Isabella Cavalli, Founder and Creative Director, Satya & Ro.

Recording date: 23rd June 2022

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