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Van Merksteijn Fencing Systems UK

“Be Sure. Stay Secure”

Formed in 2013, Van Merksteijn Fencing Systems UK (VM UK) are part of the Van Merksteijn Group and are a fencing system supplier in the UK. They have a 30,000 sq. ft centrally based UK distribution centre and are a one-stop shop for mesh fencing products.

The Challenge

Having a range of logistics providers who also managed customs declarations for goods being moved, VM UK regularly faced challenges in reconciling duty and VAT records which often resulted in costly mistakes. Paperwork would arrive on an ad hoc basis which then needed checking, and where there were errors, this would lead to time consuming process of correcting the position with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

“When I think about how much time we used to spend reconciling and correcting mistakes, we have saved an enormous amount of time and we feel more in control”, VM UK

The Solution

VM UK wanted to reduce the time spent correcting third party errors, bring control and visibility in-house, and to save money. VM UK approached CustomsClear for a solution that would enable them to make their own declarations. CustomsClear initially provided a test environment to help VM UK get ready to make live declarations and VM UK now use CustomsClear to make their daily customs declarations.

“Using CustomsClear helps streamline everything and we can see right from start to finish what is happening and when goods have cleared”, VM UK


CustomsClear has enabled VM UK to take control of its declarations, ensuring that the right amount of duty and VAT is payable. Paperwork has been reduced and complex monthly reconciliations are a thing of the past. VM UK has also cut the cost of declarations by more than 70% by switching to CustomsClear.

“We’re very grateful to your team and the test environment which helped us feel confident in making live declarations. CustomsClear runs like clockwork for us, and we’ll often create and submit a declaration in a couple of minutes. We now have control and we’re also saving money.”
Jane Bartlett, Van Merksteijn Fencing Systems UK

Information correct at publication date 21.04.2023
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