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How to use CustomsClear

With CustomsClear, submit import and export customs declarations yourself with everyday language and helpful tips along the way. Each step is done securely with easy-to-use software.​

Getting started in a few easy steps

Once you’ve created your account, you’re ready to get started.

Gather all the necessary information

First, you’ll need information about your business and the goods you’re importing or exporting. We recommend keeping any invoices, packing lists and transports documents on hand.

Get prepared with our declaration checklist or browse our glossary to learn terms you’ll see throughout CustomsClear.

Create your declaration

To create your declaration, simply log in and enter information about your export.

Only answer questions relevant to your type of trade and declaration – the software will pre-populate the declaration based on your profile. If any questions are unclear, click on the helpful tips.

Submit your declaration

Once you complete and review your declaration, you’re ready to submit.

Your declaration will be sent securely to HMRC’s Customs Declaration Service (CDS). Then, CustomsClear lets you know in real-time whether your declaration is accepted or if HMRC need more information.

Track and manage your declarations in one place

Your dashboard lets you view and manage all your declarations in one easy place. Once submitted, you’ll be able to see where your declarations are in the process.

Direct integration with CDS means you receive HMRC feedback and notifications right from your CustomsClear dashboard. That way, you’ll know if your goods are selected for inspection, or if you need to provide additional information.

A closer look at how it works

Using everyday language, CustomsClear guides you through the declaration process from start to finish. To speed things up, you’ll only answer questions related to your goods and declarations pre-populate based on your profile.

Simple features for easier declarations

Straightforward dashboard

Get a clearer picture when it comes to your declarations. The CustomsClear dashboard allows you to see completed and in-progress declarations, and act on any requests from HMRC.

Step-by-step import and export declarations

As you fill out your declarations, use the quick tips and guidance to help you find and input the information you need to complete your declarations accurately.

No more unnecessary form filling

CustomsClear was built with ease of use in mind. Only answer questions relevant to your commodity, trade, and declaration type. CustomsClear pre-populates declarations, removing the need to re-enter information each time you submit a new one.

Commodity code lookup

You can easily find the code to classify your goods using everyday language and descriptions. Look up your code by typing in descriptive words like the type of product or the material it’s made from. To help narrow down the search, the lookup tool provides suggestions as you go.

Still have questions about CustomsClear?

Enjoy your first 30 days for free

Once you’re signed up and onboarded to CustomsClear, your 30 days of free access starts.

During that time, you can submit unlimited declarations and access to the CustomClear support team.

At the end of the free 30 days, you will be asked to select a subscription.