What is CustomsClear?

CustomsClear is an easy-to-use software that integrates directly with HMRC enabling you to submit your own customs declarations for goods exported from GB to the EU (imports coming soon).

Why submit your own customs declarations?

With CustomsClear, submit customs declarations on your terms. By connecting directly with HMRC, CustomsClear receives real-time updates about your declarations. If there are changes – whether it’s your customs status or a request for more information – you’ll be the first to know.

Streamlined process and improved transparency

You know your business and supply chain better than anyone. When it comes to providing information, you’re the best person for the job – reducing the chances of incorrect data and delayed goods.

The more accurate your submissions are, the less interaction with HMRC and customs authorities is needed, meaning your goods keep moving at the border.

The benefits of submitting your own declarations with CustomsClear

CustomsClear lets you submit, track and manage your declarations, and view duties to be paid all in one place.

  • There’s no sign-up fee and no need to pay a third-party broker or intermediary making it a cost-effective solution for businesses
  • It’s convenient and secure – submit when you want online – no need to download any software
  • Intelligent automation pre-populates your declarations based on your trader profile
  • Your declaration is submitted directly to HMRC’s Customs Declaration Service (CDS) – you’ll receive real-time updates
  • Tips and guidance to help you as you go and keep you informed

Discover more CustomsClear features

  • Simple pricing based on your business’s trading needs
  • Intelligent automation guides you and pre-populates based on your trader profile
  • Commodity code lookup helps you find the classification code for your goods using everyday language and descriptions
  • Export declarations for goods movement from GB to the EU
  • Import declarations for goods coming into GB from the EU (coming soon)
  • Declaration templates simplify the process and save time for repeat declarations (coming soon)

CustomsClear is for you if:

  • Your business trades goods between GB and the EU

  • You export non-controlled goods (controlled goods coming soon)

  • Your goods are transported via Roll-on/Roll-off (ferry or Eurotunnel)

  • Your goods are intended for free circulation