Using CustomsClear

With CustomsClear, complete customs declarations yourself with helpful tips along the way. Each step is done securely online through the intuitive software.

How to use CustomsClear

Once you’ve created your account, you’re ready to get started.

First, you’ll need information on your business and the goods you’re moving. We recommend keeping any invoices, packing lists and transports documents on hand.

How do I submit a customs declaration?

To create your declaration, simply log in and enter information about your goods. Tools like the commodity code lookup – which lets you search for your code using everyday language – and clear navigation help guide you through the process.

Only answer the questions relevant to your type of trade and declaration – the software will pre-populate the declaration based on your profile. If any questions are unclear, click on the helpful tips.

How will I know if my customs declaration has been accepted?

Once you complete and review your declaration, you’re ready to submit.

Your declaration will be sent securely to HMRC’s Customs Declaration Service (CDS). Then, the software lets you know in real-time whether your declaration is accepted or if HMRC need more information.

How will I know if my goods are cleared once I’ve submitted my customs declaration?

Your dashboard lets you view and manage all your declarations in one, easy place. Once submitted, you'll be able to see where your declarations are in the process and track them from start to finish.

Direct integration with CDS means you receive HMRC feedback and notifications right from your CustomsClear dashboard. That way, you'll know if your goods are selected for inspection, or if you need to provide additional information.

Benefits and features of CustomsClear

You control your customs declarations

Remove the reliance on third-party agents to submit customs declarations on your behalf. You'll have the information and support you need to manage your own declarations.

Full transparency

CustomsClear lets you see where your declarations are in the process at any time, as well as how much duty needs to be paid for each completed declaration.

Save time with repeat declarations

Using data from previous declarations, our declaration templates (coming soon) simplify and speed up how you declare frequently traded goods.

Direct feedback from HMRC

Real-time notifications in the platform let you know if HMRC needs more information to process your declaration, and how to supply it. This helps you respond quickly, keeps your declaration moving and reduces the chance of additional storage fees caused by delayed goods.

Features to help make submitting declarations easier

Simple dashboard view

See the whole picture when it comes to your declarations. The CustomsClear dashboard allows you to see completed and in-progress declarations, as well as act on any requests from HMRC.

Step-by-step export declarations (imports coming soon)

As you fill out your declarations, use the quick tips and guidance to help you find and input the information you need to complete your declarations accurately.

Smart forms

CustomsClear was designed with ease of use in mind. Only answer the questions relevant to your commodity, trade and declaration type. CustomsClear pre-populates the form based on your profile, removing the need to re-enter information each time you submit a declaration.

Commodity code lookup

You can easily find the code to classify your goods using everyday language and descriptions. Look up your code by typing in descriptive words like the type of product or the material it’s made from. To help narrow down the search, the lookup tool provides suggestions as you go.